Concert Band Minimize

Grades : 

Concert Band Grade week of  April 20th 

All instruments (except percussion) Mambo m.84-92 @ Q=84

Percussion Grade is all 12 Major scales @ cut time 75

Daily participation grades will include the upkeep of materials including instruments and music. 

The Concert Band Binder Must Haves : 

  • Fundamentals packet  (can be found on the "charms" website)
  • pencil (in a pouch)
  • UIL Music
  • (All of these items must be kept in a hard 1" hard binder with the name of the student on it)

Assessment grades will include playing tests over the fundamentals and UIL music. Information regarding tested material will be given to the students in class and placed here in the future. Some of the shorter cuts will be tested in class while others will be recorded through "Charms". Instructions on how to do this will come soon.

Performance grades will be based off of the student's attendance at all concerts.

Fundamentals Technique Package Minimize
Fundamentals Technique Package for Concert Band

Don't forget that you can download all of the exercises for your instrument through the "Charms" website.