Hello All – Here is the most recent Booster newsletter, and message from the Directors.  Booster Newsletter 04232020.pdf

Hello Mav Band and Guard Family,

It has been wonderful to hear from our students recently through the assignments in Google Classroom. Our curriculum is designed so you can still learn about music and still improve on your instrument. Each assignment should only take a few minutes to complete. The longest ones include watching the videos. I am happy to see positive responses to the information in the slide decks. We miss everyone so much and we appreciate every single video and assignment we receive.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM / HOME ACCESS CENTER: While most students have turned in their assignments, there are still some who have not submitted their work. Students who at least complete the assignments will receive a passing grade each week. Students who do not will have an “M” (missing) in the grade book. The “M” will turn to a “P” (passing) when the work is completed, but it will turn to an “F” (failing) if it is not submitted. Please reach out to your director if you have any trouble completing assignments because we want every student to receive credit for their two band classes.

TRIP REFUNDS: On April 3 Michael Holzer from Educational Travel Adventures sent an email to students and parents regarding refunds for both the Dayton and Dallas trips. Some parents have contacted me saying they did not receive this email, but several have said it went straight to their spam folders. Either way, all Dayton travelers will be refunded all but $145 and all Dallas travelers will get all but $79 back. These refunds will be processed at the beginning of this coming week and they will go through whichever payment system you made to ETA.If trip insurance was purchased, then you can file a claim with the third party insurance company for 75% of the non-refunded amount. Instructions are in Michael’s email, so please let me know if you cannot find it anywhere in your email and I will forward it to you.

SENIOR TRIBUTES: I sent an email to seniors and senior parents about us putting together individual profiles on social media starting next week. Please CLICK HERE and send us this information if you would like to be featured.

BAND PLACEMENT AUDITIONS: Materials for all wind players went out a couple of weeks ago and those videos are due no later than April 29.  CLICK HERE for audition information.

WHAT’S NEXT? We are still planning for next year the best we can. In all honesty, it is very difficult because no one has any idea what will or will not happen this summer or fall. However, our designers are still creating our marching show. Our main goal right now is to keep everyone engaged with the program on a personal, social, and musical level. We want our students to lean on the band family throughout this time of isolation and continue our interactions and relationships, as well as continue improving our craft, whether that is playing, spinning, marching, or dancing.

We would love to have some kind of end-of-year celebration, even if it is a virtual one. Our biggest obstacle is doing this while still adhering to the district’s policies on synchronous interactions between teachers and students. Please know we will do what we can while ensuring we follow all of our rules.

I know you have heard this a lot lately and I will continue to say it, but we cannot express enough how much we miss all of you. The directors thrive on our relationships and experiences with our students, and those meaningful daily interactions were taken away so abruptly. We think of you hundreds of times every day and we cannot wait until we can all see each other again. This especially includes all you seniors. Even though we will not meet at school again this year, we will see each other as soon as we are allowed. Please stay safe and healthy.


Jason Dimiceli