Booster Announcements

Booster Executive Leadership Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  All are welcome to attend.

Make sure you watch the Band Calendar for upcoming events.  The page even includes instructions on how to sync the calendar with your own!

Current Leadership

2020-2021 Band Booster Leadership

(** positions are elected or appointed with voting privilege)

  • President** – Velma Metz​ –
  • Secretary** – Jennifer Reece-
    • Historian – Kcathy Overby –
  • Treasurer** – Jennifer Macaulay –
    • Asst. Treasurer – Olaf Roepke –
  • VP Strategic Planning & Coordination** – Lana Harris
    • Watermelon Social Coordinator – Roxanne Pena
    • Everything Day Coordinator – Jennifer Reece & Lana Harris
    • Meet the Mavs Spirit Night – Roxanne Pena
    • Merchandise Coordinator – Kristi Allison –
    • Student Picture Coordinator – Kristi Allison
    • Parent Uniform Liaison – Amy Vaughn
    • Trip Coordinator – Velma Metz –
    • Banquet Support Coordinator – student –
  • VP Fundraising** – Amy Vaughn –
    • HEB Cards Sales Coordinator – Shizuka Le –
    • Business Sponsors – Jason Dimiceli, Jennifer Reece, Vanessa Amaya –
    • BOA Contest Coordinator – Kelli Buescher –
    • Pancake Breakfast Coordinator – OPEN –
    • Raffles – OPEN
    • Silent Auctions – OPEN –
    • Mulch Sale Coordinator – Ben Overby
  • VP Concessions** – Audrey Foushee –
    • Cedar Valley Stand Manager – Joanne Moellering & Stacy Grizzle
    • Deerpark Stand Manager – OPEN
    • Pearson Ranch Stand Manager – Kryn & Wayne Contello, Ruben Flores
    • Freshman Stand Manager – Veronica Rodriguez
    • JV Stand Manager – Veronica Rodriguez
    • HOME Varsity Stand Manager – OPEN
    • VISITOR Varsity Stand Manager – OPEN
    • Varsity Set-up Crew Lead – Wayne Contello, OPEN
  • VP Volunteer Coordination** – Laura Ellason –
    • Volunteer Coordinator (Charms)Laura Ellason
    • Pit Crew Coordinator – Nathan Younger, Joe Bulger –
    • Prop Crew Coordinator – Justin Ellason
    • Water Crew Coordinator – Carla Gordon –
    • Chaperone Coordinator – Christy Jennings –
    • Game Day Meals Coordinator – Amy Vaughn –
  • VP Media Communication** – John Higgins –
    • Communications (Sunday emails) – Ben Overby –
    • Social Media Promotor – Kcathy Overby –
    • SysAdmin ( help, Booster gmail help) – John Higgins –
    • BCOB Director for MHS – OPEN –
    • Colorguard/Winterguard Liaison – Michelle Burton & Veronica Rodriguez –
    • Cedar Valley MS Liaison – Kim Younger –
    • Deerpark MS Liaison – Kcathy Overby –
    • Pearson Ranch MS Liason – Kryn Contello –
    • Parliamentarian – Siv Manda –
Band Booster Officers and Executive Board Member Duties

Booster Officers

The President shall preside over all meetings of the General Membership and meetings of the Executive Board; appoint committees and be an ex-officio member of all committees; be authorized to enter into any Executive Board-approved contract or execute and deliver any Executive Board-approved instrument in the name of and on behalf of MBB; and other duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by MBB. (Year round)

The Secretary shall communicate meeting notices; keep an accurate record of meetings of the General Membership and meetings of the Executive Board and submit for publication; submit minutes to banks as required to authorize signatures on bank accounts; submit the change of registered agent of the corporation; regularly access the MBB Post Office Box; be responsible for identifying and maintaining records; and perform other duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by MBB. (Year round)

The Treasurer shall have custody of all the funds of MBB; maintain the books of accounts and records; make and/or confirm deposits and disbursements; present a financial report at meetings of the Executive Board and meetings of the General Membership; submit the Income/Expense reports to the Director of Financial Services in accordance with RRISD requirements; establish an annual budget of anticipated revenue and expenditures and maintain oversight to ensure budget compliance; complete and file all necessary tax documents. (Year round)

The Vice President for Strategic Planning and Coordination shall ensure that all MBB activities that are not directly related to the fall football season or fall marching season are adequately planned, managed, staffed and successfully completed. The Vice President for Strategic Planning and Coordination shall be responsible for development and ongoing review of any strategic plans and grants. (Year round)

The Vice President for Fundraising shall ensure that all fundraising activities of MBB are planned, managed, coordinated and accomplished using the highest level of transparency and in accordance with any federal or state laws, federal or state regulations or RRISD policies concerning fundraising. (Year round)

The Vice President for Concessions shall be responsible for the purchase, storage and distribution of supplies necessary to operate the concession stands, recruit stand managers, organize procedures for volunteer workers to ensure successful concession operations, and other duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by MBB. (Year round)

The Vice President for Volunteers and Communications shall ensure that all events and activities of MBB are adequately staffed and attended by involving as many of the MBB members as is possible. (Year round)

Appointed Liaisons

The Parliamentarian shall advise the President or presiding officer on parliamentary rules and matters of procedure when requested. The Parliamentarian should be thoroughly familiar with Roberts Rules of Order, these bylaws and any standing rules of MBB. (Year round)

The Band Concessions Operating Board (“BCOB”) Director from MBB must be appointed each spring and following appointment shall serve as a member of the Board of Directors of BCOB during the next term of the Board of Directors of BCOB. The BCOB Director from MBB shall attend the meetings of the Board of Directors of BCOB and keep the President, Vice President for Concessions and the Executive Board informed concerning BCOB matters. (Year round)

The Colorguard/Winterguard Liaison shall work closely with the Colorguard/Winterguard Director, attend all meetings of the Colorguard/Winterguard parents and keep the Executive Board informed concerning Colorguard/Winterguard matters. (Year round)

The Deerpark Middle School and Cedar Valley Middle School Liaisons shall facilitate communications between the middle school directors and MBB; in cooperation with the middle school directors, attend all middle school band events and, if possible, provide a brief update of the MHS band program activities and/or MBB program activities; communicate MBB volunteer needs; and coordinate middle school participation in MBB fundraising events. (Year round)

Operational Leadership

Annual Fund Chair: Coordinates the execution of a major fund raising activity, the Annual Fund. (Year round)

Chaperones Coordinator: Coordinates chaperones to ensure the correct ratio of students to chaperones for all games, competitions and other events as designated by the directors. (Fall marching season)

All chaperones must pass a Criminal Background Check performed by RRISD before chaperoning any band event. Individuals who wish to serve as chaperones MUST request to be considered and complete the necessary Criminal Background Check during August before the school year begins. Click here to access the background check form.

Communications Coordinator: Sends out all information as needed by the officers and board and works in conjunction with the directors and all board positions to keep all boosters abreast of upcoming events and needs in the booster organization. (Year round)

Concession Stand Managers:

Cedar Valley
Junior Varsity
Varsity – Home South
Varsity – Home North
Varsity – Visitors

These positions work under the umbrella of the Vice President for Concessions (see description of Elected Officers above). McNeil band boosters provide volunteers to run the concession stands for Deerpark, Cedar Valley, Freshman, JV and Varsity football games. The stand manager oversees the volunteers and works with the concessionaire to ensure a safe, clean and profitable concession stand!

Game Day Meal Coordinator: Orders and coordinates serving of meals and/or snacks to the students before football games and competitions. (Fall marching season)

HEB Card Coordinator: Coordinates efforts of the neighborhood reps who sell HEB gift cards as a fundraiser and coordinates with the Treasurer. (Year round)

Historian: Documents the events of the school year through different media. (Year round)

Merchandise Sales Coordinator: Handles sales of items offered by the Band Booster organization and keeps inventory of Band Booster merchandise. Makes recommendations to the Board for merchandise purchases. (Year round)

Nominating Committee Chair: Leads a committee to enlist booster members to serve for the next school year. (Spring)

Pit Crew Coordinator: Coordinates volunteers involving the pit (the percussion equipment on the sidelines during football games and competitions). (Fall marching season)

Systems Administrator: Works under the direction of the Band Directors to maintain access to and security of the website and e-mail accounts, and support of limited Charms functions. (Year round)

Trip Coordinator: Works with the directors to plan the annual Spring Trip. (Year round)

Volunteer Coordinator: Records and keeps track of all volunteer hours worked by booster members. (Year round)

Water Crew Coordinator: Coordinates volunteers to ensure that students have water available at all football games and competition (includes purchasing, loading and distribution at the games). (Primarily Fall marching season)

About the Boosters

About the Boosters

Who Are the Boosters Handout

“McNeil High School Band Boosters” is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the McNeil Maverick Band and Color Guard. The Boosters provide financial support for most of the Maverick Band’s basic operating expenses. We buy instruments, pay for the music and marching shows, pay for contest entry fees and transportation, and cover the entire cost of the Color Guard, including the Director’s salary.

The Round Rock ISD does NOT provide funding for these things – and our Band Booster group is constantly involved in fund-raising efforts to cover these expenses. We also support band programs at Deerpark Middle School, Cedar Valley Middle School, and Pearson Ranch Middle School with contributions and in-kind support.

Every parent is a member of the Band Boosters, and we need everyone’s support and participation. We communicate to band/guard families through e-mail, Booster meetings and the band website, Please visit the Charms website to check for important dates and to make sure the e-mail address listed in your student’s profile is correct, as this is the e-mail address we will be using to send communications.

In addition, the Band Directors will be updating the Charms calendar with important dates for the band/guard. Be sure to check the website regularly. See the link to Charms in the menu bar to the right.

If you need assistance with updating your information in Charms, please send an e-mail to . If you are not receiving e-mails on a regular basis, there is most likely an issue with the e-mail information in Charms.

Band/Guard Booster Executive Leadership meetings will be held on the first Thursday evening of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the McNeil High School Band Hall. Fall meetings are crucial to organize fundraising activities and keep abreast of marching season needs; spring meetings include competitions, election of new officers and planning for next year. We urge all band/guard parents to attend and welcome your input!

Mailing Address:

McNeil High School Band Boosters
PO Box 202602
Austin, TX 78720

Financial Policies

Payments by Check to the Band Boosters

Checks should be made payable to McNeil Band Boosters, and according to RRISD guidelines, should include your driver’s license number and home phone number. There will be a $25 fee assessed for any returned items.

If a check is returned by your bank, please contact the Treasurer, (, to make arrangements to repay the check and pay the $25 returned item fee. If returned items remain outstanding, any future payments (for band trips or other items) will be applied first to the outstanding item, and you may be required to make future payments in cash, money order, or cashier’s check.

McNeil Band Booster Bylaws