Mav Band Family,

As we move through the summer, it’s imperative that we are able to communicate with everyone via our CHARMS database. We should have most of the student information, but are lacking most (if not all) parent information for our incoming freshman students.

We will be sending out part assignments and other marching band-related information soon, so please take this opportunity to check your information in the CHARMS database and make sure it is current.

How to access CHARMS?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Login > Parents/Students/Members
  3. Our school code is McNeilHSBand
  4. When at the student/parent portal, if you have never logged in before, your password should be your child’s student ID number. From there, you can change the password, add contact information, etc.

Finally, please double (and triple!) check your email addresses when entering them. We always receive a number of emails bounced back when sending a mass email due to incorrect email addresses, so any help you can give us on that end is appreciated.

Looking forward to a great year! Thank you for your cooperation!