First off, a huge thank you goes out to every student that participated and showed an interest in being on the student leadership team for this upcoming year. We had 67 students finish the entire leadership application process, doing everything from peer evaluations, marching auditions, teaching auditions, and even a one-on-one interview with the directors.

To say we are proud of everyone is an absolute understatement. We look forward to the upcoming school year, and please send your congratulations to the McNeil High School Band Leadership Team for the 2018-2019 school year.

Band Council:

President: Hugh Alexander

VP of Administration: Negeen Vafaee

VP of Media: Emma Duncan

VP of Social Activities: Paige Spell

Upperclassmen Representative: Ryan Kerr

Underclassmen Representative: Evelyn Tjoa

Marching Leadership:

Drum Majors:

Emileigh Chacon, Adam Conlan, Isabella Guerra, Sanskrithi Krish


Woodwinds: Miranda Contello, Negeen Vafaee

Brass: Ryan Kerr, Jaylon Rosero, Jessica Morehead

Percussion: Jimmy O’Brien, Jennifer Nguyen

Section Leaders:

Flute: Paige Spell, Evelyn Tjoa

Clarinet: Valerie Alvarado, Alyssa Amaya, Caitlyn Jennings

Saxophone: Megan Do

Trumpet: Hugh Alexander

Horn: Dylan Mathew, Andrew Nguyen

Trombone: Vincent Pham

Euphonium: Simon Henthorn, Gabriella Silguero

Tuba: Max Carriker, Alex Lee

Color Guard:  Katie Kepper, Diya Parajuli, Grace Pickerill

Logistical Leadership:

Instrument Managers: Vincent Pham, Bradley Guilbeau, Austin Harris, Ian Vaughn, Ashley Haag, Sean Macaulay

Librarians:  Celeste Doria, Sandy Kao, Junha Keam, Andy Chen, Madison Upshaw, Olivia Brown, Elizabeth Bono, Valerie Alvarado, Kyleigh Fant, Salma Mohamedali, Jenny Nguyen, Alex Gilbert

Uniform Staff: Negeen Vafaee, Daniel Levi, Joshua Gallagher, Justice Gonzalez, Miranda Contello, Sandy Kao, Jacob Cook