McNeil had 3 students advance to the All-State band this year!

  • Daniel Levi – contra alto clarinet
  • Kenna Heroy – Bb clarinet
  • Cameron Schnurer – bassoon

In addition to the incredible accomplishment of our All-State musicians, McNeil had a record number of students selected to the Region/District level.  Congratulations to all of the musicians who auditioned.  It takes an incredible amount of personal practice and dedication to prepare for these auditions and we are very proud of all of you!



  • Celeste Doria-District
  • Sanskrithi Krish-District


  • Dade Ogunmuyiwa-Region Concert/Advanced to Area
  • Evelyn Tjoa-Region Symphonic (2nd chair overall)/Advnced to Area FRESHMAN!


  • Aidan Johnson-Region Concert
  • Caden Massey-Region Concert
  • Cameron Schnurer-Region Symphonic (2nd chair overall)/Advanced to Area


  • Arya Amin-Region Concert
  • Emileigh Chacon-Region Symphonic/Advanced to Area
  • Kenna Heroy-Region Symphonic/Advanced to Area
  • Caitlyn Jennings-Region Concert
  • Sandy Kao-Region Concert
  • Junha Keam-Region Concert FRESHMAN!
  • Faith Keng-Region Concert FRESHMAN!
  • Daniel Levi, Contra-alto Clarinet-Region Symphonic/Advanced to Area
  • Austin Lin, Eb Clarinet-Region Symphonic/Advanced to Area
  • Zechariah Ogunmuyiwa, Bass Clarinet-Region Symphonic
  • Anjana Ramachandra-Region Symphonic/Area Alternate
  • Shravan Ravi, Alto Clarinet-Region Symphonic/Advanced to Area
  • Hannah Richards-Region Symphonic


  • Andrew Kim, Alto-Region Concert
  • Chris Vo, Tenor-Region Symphonic (2nd chair overall)/Advanced to Area


  • Hugh Alexander-Region Symphonic/Advanced to Area
  • Emma Duncan-Region Concert FRESHMAN!
  • Ryan Kerr-Region Symphonic/Advanced to Area
  • Nikoo Vafaee-Region Symphonic


  • Ashley Haag-Region Concert
  • Holden Henegar-District FRESHMAN!


  • Adam Conlan-Region Symphonic/Area Alternate
  • Will Janes-Region Concert


  • Adam Moellering-Region Concert


  • Andy Chen-Region Concert
  • Max Carriker-Region Symphonic/Advanced to Area
  • Max Goodrich-Region Symphonic/Advanced to Area