7:30 am     Arrive at school

8:00           Rehearsal

9:05           School starts

4:20           School ends

4:21           Game Day Meal in Cafeteria

5:05-5:15   Uniform checkout

5:25           Section Time

5:35           Inspection (in cafeteria)

5:45           Depart for Kelly Reeves

7:00           National Anthem

8:10           McNeil performance

8:50           Longhorn Band performance

9:30ish      Depart for McNeil

10:00ish    Arrive at McNeil, turn in uniforms, unload, GO HOME!

Students should contact their rides with plenty of time for them to arrive at McNeil before we return, probably 30 minutes beforehand. Please be there ready to pick them up so that the directors can leave. The directors will stay for 30 minutes after we arrive. This is more than enough time for every student to get picked up.