Mav Band Family,

We can’t wait to have everyone here for summer band in a few weeks! I know that we’d mentioned part assignments were pending, and while they have been created, things got a little crazy on our end, which is why they hadn’t been sent out.

Instructions to download your music PDF from the CHARMS database:

Login to charms using school code ‘McNeilHSBand’ and your password. If you haven’t changed your password, it is your student ID. Otherwise, it is the password you changed it to when you first logged in.












Find the ‘Handouts and Documents’ Button












Find the 2017 McNeil – Inverted Folder












Find your part, download it, and start practicing!












Important: Clarinet players playing 1st part, the cues at the beginning are for soprano sax (where it says sop. sax solo). You don’t need to start practicing/memorizing until it says tutti clar.

Finally, everyone, the goal is to have at least Part 1 memorized (and Part 2, if we can get it to you) as close to memorized as possible before summer band! Part 1 is short and simple, so let’s make it happen!

If you have questions, please email me at Thanks!

Joshua Muñoz
Associate Band Director
McNeil HS Band