This past weekend our students competed with some of the best musicians in Texas in their Region Band auditions. Everyone on each particular instrument plays the same three college-level pieces and are judged by a panel of five directors and professionals. Students all over the state have worked on this music since late July (yes, even during marching season). It takes a great deal of talent and dedication to succeed in this arena. The McNeil Band tied our school record from last year of 32 students auditioning into the Region Band. Below are the results.  Those who advanced to Area will compete with students from here to Dallas and Lufkin in January for a spot in an All-State ensemble. Here are some points of note:

  • We have one of the smaller band programs in the region with some being 50% bigger to more than twice as big.
  • We have 12 students advancing to Area, which is the 2nd most of any school.
  • We have the 2nd highest percentage of students in the program earn a spot in the Region Band.
  • We have around 70% of our musicians learn this college-level music and audition! This is the highest percentage for any program.

We talk a lot about swinging above our weight class and our students continually succeed at these higher levels because of their determination and commitment to success. Preparing for this audition is the most important way to have a successful year and all of the students who attended the audition are helping the program, as well as their own musicianship. Please congratulate these students when you see them.

FYI, the Symphonic Band is the top group and the Concert Band is the 2nd group. Students who did well but fell just short of making one of these performing groups are in the District Band. The Region Band Clinic and Concert is January 24-25 at Weiss HS. Students who made a Region Band must attend and those who were close should keep it available because there will be students from other schools who cannot attend.

Christina J (9) – Flute – 4th chair Symphonic Band (2nd chair Region Orchestra) ADVANCED TO AREA

Carissa K (9) – Flute – 6th chair Symphonic Band ADVANCED TO AREA

David R (11) – Flute – 9th chair Symphonic Band

Celeste D (12) – Flute – 10th chair Symphonic Band

Miranda C(12) – Flute – 8th chair Concert Band

Sanskrithi K(12) – Flute – 9th chair Concert Band

Elizabeth B (12) – Flute – 2nd chair District Band

Evelyn T(11) – Oboe – 1st chair Concert Band (3rd overall) ADVANCED TO AREA

Dade O (12) – Oboe – 1st chair District Band (5th overall) (2nd chair Region Orchestra) ADVANCED TO AREA

Jimmy O (12) – English Horn – 1st chair Concert Band (2nd overall)

Aidan J (12) – Bassoon – 2nd chair Symphonic Band ADVANCED TO AREA 

Caden M (12) – Bassoon – 3rd chair Symphonic Band  ADVANCED TO AREA

Erin M (10) – Eb Clarinet – 1st chair Concert Band (2nd overall)

Wesley W (11) – Bb Clarinet – 5th chair Symphonic Band (4th chair Region Orchestra) ADVANCED TO AREA

Junha K (11) – Bb Clarinet – 8th chair Symphonic Band ADVANCED TO AREA

Austin L (12) – Bb Clarinet – 12th chair Symphonic Band

Faith K (11) – Bb Clarinet – 16th chair Symphonic Band

Emily D (11) – Bb Clarinet – 4th chair Concert Band

Jacob C(11) – Bb Clarinet – 1st chair District Band

Anna B (9) – Bb Clarinet – 6th chair District Band

Shravan R (12) – Bass Clarinet – 1st chair Symphonic Band ADVANCED TO AREA

Megan D (11) – Alto Sax – 4th chair Concert Band

Negeen V (12) – Tenor Sax – 2nd chair Concert Band

Christopher O (9) – Tenor Sax – 3rd chair Concert Band

Arjuna M (11) – Baritone Sax – 2nd chair Concert Band

Emma D (11) – Trumpet – 5th chair Symphonic Band (3rd chair Region Orchestra) ADVANCED TO AREA

David H  (10) – Trumpet – 1st chair Concert Band

Ethan S(11) – Trumpet – 6th chair Concert Band

Corbin L (12) – Trumpet – 1st chair District Band

Ashley H (12) – Horn – 3rd chair Symphonic Band ADVANCED TO AREA 

Eli C (10) – Horn – 8th chair Concert Band

Lucas S (10) – Horn – 4th chair District Band

Kim N (12) – Trombone – 2nd chair Concert Band

Vincent P (12) – Trombone – 3rd chair Concert Band

Ronald Z (10)- Euphonium – 5th chair Symphonic Band

Gabriella S (11)- Euphonium – 6th chair Symphonic Band

Maanas S (11)- Euphonium – 3rd chair District Band

Andy C (12) – Tuba – 4th chair Symphonic Band Area Alternate

Max C (12) – Tuba – 6th chair Symphonic Band (2nd chair Region Orchestra) ADVANCED TO AREA