What is color guard?

The color guard is the part of a marching band or drum corps that spins flags, rifles, and sabres. The color guard lends an additional visual element to the music and drill (the shapes made by marchers on a field) created by the band. Modern color guard incorporates dance, character, costuming, and props into performances.

Why should YOU join the McNeil color guard?

If you love to dance, love to learn choreography, and enjoy performing for audiences, being in color guard is a lot of fun! Successful color guard Members also enjoy putting in the hard work it takes to be great. Other reasons include:

  • having 200 prospective friends in the Band and Colorguard upon entering High School (if joining as a Freshman)
  • learning Fine Arts credits toward High School graduation
  • learning of Physical Education waivers for each semester in the class
  • the thrill of performance
  • the pride of being part of a successful school group
  • the honing of dance skills
  • the building of confidence and sense of responsibility
  • increased fitness and flexibility
  • training for participation in drum corps and independent winterguards

The McNeil color guard is unique in that most Freshmen and New Members get to perform their very first year in the organization! New members begin learning flag technique, progressing in the following years to rifle and sabre.